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Support for fallen Officer Terrence Carraway and six Officers shot in the line of duty in Florence

By October 4, 2018No Comments

In response to the tragic loss of Officer Terrence Carraway and fellow six officers injured, Serve and Connect, with the support SC Law Enforcement Officers Association, the SC Police Chiefs Association, and SC Law Enforcement Assistance Program, asks the community for their support.

Serve & Connect is facilitating two Go Fund Me accounts to provide aid in wake of the shooting on Wednesday, October 3, 2018; the shooting involved a multi-hour standoff in which seven officers were shot. One officer, Officer Terrence Carraway, was fatally wounded. 100% of all funds will be donated to the officers and families.

“Serve & Connect is honored to raise financial and community support for the family of Officer Terrence Carraway and the six officers who were shot in the line of duty.  As the widow of a fallen police officer, I know first-hand the impact this support has on a family’s recovery process and, as the CEO of Serve & Connect, I have witnessed the critical impact of this support on officers in recovery. Every dollar and each share communicates that these officers are supported and their sacrifice honored,” said Kassy Alia, Serve and Connect President and CEO.

Additionally, Serve & Connect is coordinating volunteers and other non-financial support such as donations of food and water. To participate, please email Serve & Connect’s Community Outreach Coordinator Macey Silano at

“Our hearts are broken following the loss of Officer Terrence Carraway and we continue to pray for the six officers who were shot in the line of duty. The funds raised through the Go Fund Me response will be donated to support their recovery and to honor the sacrifice of Officer Carraway,” Ryan Alphin, Executive Director of the SC Law Enforcement Officers Association and SC Police Chiefs Association, said.  “The South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association and the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association are proud to endorse these campaigns.”