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Meet Nominee Master Deputy Scott Heath

By September 19, 2018No Comments

“He’s a natural leader,” his nomination read. “He always looks for possible ways to impact the citizens and make a difference.”
Master Deputy Scott Heath, with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, has been in law enforcement for six years. His nomination shows us that Master Deputy Heath is all about serving his community and serving God. His nomination continues, “Scott is a local hero whose love and dedication to the community is beyond reproach. Scott is the epitome of an exemplary person that is a faithful servant to God; he works tirelessly for the community through volunteer services as a mentor through ‘Mentor Upstate,’ which seeks to pair adult mentors with at-risk children in elementary schools. He is a volunteer participant of faith-based services in after-school programs. Scott leads small group bible studies within the community and with fellow deputies.”
Mentor Upstate, the program that Master Deputy Heath volunteers with, is a program whose goal is to reach at-risk youth by pairing them up with an adult mentor. “The whole idea is to go and sit with kids for lunch once a week or so and see how their day is going,” Master Deputy Heath explained. “To encourage them, especially if they have a hard home life. Maybe kids who are in foster homes or in homes where parents have passed away or have left.” It’s a program that he’s worked with for a year and a half.
He’s made an impact in his community, one child at a time, whether it’s been through the Mentor Upstate program or through other ways that he’s found to help out.
“I went to a house that had been burglarized,” he said. “All of their things had been taken. They had a little boy, and one of the things that had been taken was a piggy bank. This meant a lot to them because they had been saving up for a long time for him.” Master Deputy Heath recalled seeing a Batman piggy bank a few days prior at Target, so he decided to run out, purchase it, and add some of his own money to it. “When I first brought it to them, they said ‘Oh no, that’s not it. It was another one.’” But he explained to the family that he and his wife wanted to give it to the boy. It was a blessing that he was able to enjoy seeing their joy and afterwards, they became Facebook friends and continue to check up on one another.
Giving back to his community means giving more than the 9-5 type of attitude of showing up, checking in, and checking out.
“There are a lot of things we can’t influence,” Master Deputy Heath said. “There will always be criminals. Sometimes we can’t solve a crime or help people like we want to. To be able to make a small difference in someone’s life in a positive way is encouraging. So often, you’re just taking bad people to jail and you only see the worst part of humanity. But to be able to make someone smile, to help someone think better of law enforcement, is a great plus in my mind.”
Please join us in celebrating Master Deputy Scott Heath as one of our finalists for the Officer Gregory Alia Award!

About the Officer Gregory Alia Award
Serve & Connect was founded by Kassy Alia in memory of her husband, Greg Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30th, 2015. This prestigious annual award is named in his honor and recognizes an outstanding officer who demonstrates a commitment to serve his/her community with respect and compassion; one who goes above the call of duty to ensure that members of the community are protected, cared for, and feel valued; one who treats all members of the community as equal and who employed their role with thoughtfulness and tact; and who through everyday interactions builds a safer community for all. The award is presented at our annual event, the Knight of Honor Gala, which will be held on September 28, 2018 in Columbia, SC.