Meet Nominee Lance Corporal Robert Gibbs

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Lance Corporal Robert V. Gibbs is an officer with the South Carolina Bureau of Protective Services, and has been assigned to the Governor’s Mansion Division for going on 12 years. In his nomination, you can see how much of a family man Lance Corporal Gibbs is and just how much he loves his community.
“Gibbs goes above and beyond in his work, volunteering in and around his community,” the nomination read. “He’s a den leader for Tiger Scout Pack 303 where he teaches and mentors his pack, which includes his son. Gibbs was recently honored by the Wateree District as Den Leader of the Year in 2017. He also spends a lot of time training with his son for the US Kids Golf Tournaments in the area.”
When asked about what the nomination means to him, Lance Corporal Gibbs said, “I think it’s great because of what I can do to give back… teaching mannerisms, teaching the history of the flag & history in general, to share all the knowledge and skills that I have learned with the cub scouts.”
Lance Corporal Gibbs got started with law enforcement because he believed that he could make a difference. With his prior military experience and leadership skills, he figured that he could serve and protect, do great things, and do for others what they can’t do for themselves. He’s currently in a supervisor role on the Governor’s Mansion Division team, which he enjoys because of the interaction he has with the community. “I never thought I would be able to work this close with the state house, with politicians, and with such important people. Being able to have the privilege to work with them and be a part of history, rallies, and certain events with visiting officials—to say that I was here when a certain event occurred protecting officials and civilians—being a part of history makes it worth it. I am glad I am afforded the opportunity to be a part of the history of Columbia.”
Please join us in celebrating Lance Corporal Robert V. Gibbs as one of our finalists for the Officer Gregory Alia Award!
About the Officer Gregory Alia Award
Serve & Connect was founded by Kassy Alia in memory of her husband, Greg Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30th, 2015. This prestigious annual award is named in his honor and recognizes an outstanding officer who demonstrates a commitment to serve his/her community with respect and compassion; one who goes above the call of duty to ensure that members of the community are protected, cared for, and feel valued; one who treats all members of the community as equal and who employed their role with thoughtfulness and tact; and who through everyday interactions builds a safer community for all. The award is presented at our annual event, the Knight of Honor Gala, which will be held on September 28, 2018 in Columbia, SC.