Meet Nominee Sergeant Peyton Sherwood

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A true hero is ready to help a person in need no matter the circumstance.

That was the case for Sergeant Peyton Sherwood from the North Charleston Police Department. On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Sergeant Sherwood was enjoying the day off with his daughters when a call came in—a man had a woman on the ground and was stabbing her. Sergeant Sherwood happened to have his police radio in the car with him and heard the call. He was quick to respond, pulling into the apartment complex where he observed a man who fit the description walking away from the complex. Sergeant Sherwood reported the description and the location to the arriving patrol units.

What came next was unbelievable—Sergeant Sherwood made sure his children were safe in his car, and then left to canvas the area “following the blood train to an apartment where the stabbing victim had collapsed just inside the door.” The person who lived in the apartment didn’t know the victim. Sergeant Sherwood notified dispatch of the exact location of the victim and he, along with the other responding officers, used “all available tools” to stop the bleeding and render aid. Sadly, the victim succumbed to her wounds.

The story continues: “Sergeant Sherwood talked with the apartment management and arranged for the person whose apartment that the victim collapsed in could be put up at a hotel for the night. He then arranged for a clean-up crew to come clean and sterilized the area that the victim bled out in.”

Sergeant Sherwood recalled the experience, sharing, “After we got [the man whose apartment the victim walked into] out of the apartment, I walked outside and he was sitting on the stairs. I put my hands on his shoulders and asked if he was ok. He had this stare. He had blood on his hands. I brought him up to my apartment to clean his hands. He cleaned his hands for 10 minutes. I asked if he was okay. He turned the water off and fell to the ground and started crying. I stayed with him for 15 minutes while he was crying. I explained to him what the job was that he did. He talked to a few detectives for awhile. I talked to the apartment manager and asked if we could put him anywhere for awhile. I ended up taking him to a hotel to stay at. I think he stayed for two days while the cleaners cleaned his apartment.”

Sergeant Sherwood says he still talks to the man regularly.

This incredible act of service is representative of Sergeant Sherwood’s commitment to go beyond the call of duty in service to others. When we interviewed Sergeant Sherwood, he shared about a time when he helped someone in need. “I got a call from a lady and she had a younger son… he was a drug addict… and she wanted him kicked out. I told her how addiction worked. She didn’t understand. Her son had a sponsor and was trying to work it out. I told her I would come there every day to check on him. I came there every day, gave him ride along. But then I was transferred. I’d say two or three years later, this guy in front of me slammed on his brakes. I didn’t know what was going on. This guy gets out and says ‘Hey! It’s me!’ He’d been clean for all of those years and he works for AT&T and does installs. He’s been doing that since I helped him.”

For Sergeant Sherwood, the key to connecting with community is “bringing yourself down to their level.” He likes to “cut it up” with the community and shared, “I can’t go out there and be a real cop and be a jerk to them. I can’t act like a robot. If I write a ticket, I explain it to them. By the time we get to jail, they thank me for explaining it to them.”

Being in law enforcement is about giving back, “It’s the whole job itself. Everyday you give back… you go to the communities and help the people, even if they don’t want the help.”

Sergeant Sherwood demonstrates service above self. We are proud that he is a finalist for the Officer Gregory Alia Award!

About the Officer Gregory Alia Award
Serve & Connect was founded by Kassy Alia in memory of her husband, Greg Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30th, 2015. This prestigious annual award is named in his honor and recognizes an outstanding officer who demonstrates a commitment to serve his/her community with respect and compassion; one who goes above the call of duty to ensure that members of the community are protected, cared for, and feel valued; one who treats all members of the community as equal and who employed their role with thoughtfulness and tact; and who through everyday interactions builds a safer community for all. The award is presented at our annual event, the Knight of Honor Gala, which will be held on September 28, 2018 in Columbia, SC.