Meet Nominee Sergeant Carl Smith

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Meet Sergeant Carl Smith from the Camden Police Department. He said in his interview that he “believes in making something positive in everybody’s life. Even people I’ve had to arrest. To me, you have to treat everybody with respect and dignity.”

He grew up in a poor family, where his father was involved in domestic violence. He saw first-hand how his mother was treated and knew that he never wanted to be involved in that. As he got older, he was bullied through school. When he reached the sixth grade, he decided that he wanted to be in law enforcement so that he could help those who could not help themselves.

Sergeant Carl Smith has now been in law enforcement for 40 years, serving as an important member of the Camden Police Department for 8 of those years. In January, 2018 he began his current position of Community Oriented Policing Sergeant. However, in his nomination, his co-worker states that before that change, he had already become a valued and appreciated member of the Camden community.

“There is not an individual in this town that does not know who Sergeant Carl Smith is, due to his continued appearance in his long police-issued raincoat, dark sunglasses, and 8-point hat.” Sergeant Carl Smith is “hands on with the children in our community, spending time at the local schools, day care facilities and churches teaching safety and showing children that the police care about their well-being and happiness.”

Sergeant Smith became a police officer because he liked helping people and wanted to give back to the community. He has done just that with his constant interaction with local agencies and organizations to better serve the community, such as his work with Food for the Soul and serving on Kershaw County’s Homeless Committee. Sergeant Smith states that “you never give up on people” and he has never one given up on someone.

About the Officer Gregory Alia Award
Serve & Connect was founded by Kassy Alia in memory of her husband, Greg Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30th, 2015. This prestigious annual award is named in his honor and recognizes an outstanding officer who demonstrates a commitment to serve his/her community with respect and compassion; one who goes above the call of duty to ensure that members of the community are protected, cared for, and feel valued; one who treats all members of the community as equal and who employed their role with thoughtfulness and tact; and who through everyday interactions builds a safer community for all. The award is presented at our annual event, the Knight of Honor Gala, which will be held on September 28, 2018 in Columbia, SC.