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Corporal Jordei Jameson: Our #WonderWomanWednesday!

By June 20, 2018No Comments

Meet Corporal Jordei Jameson with Oconee County Sheriff’s Office.

Jordei has been in law enforcement for 4 years and has been promoted to Corporal for School Resource Officers. The mother of two, Jordei is excited to work with elementary students in the fall.

Her favorite thing? The way you can change someone’s outlook. “You have to talk to people daily and build their trust,” she shared. “I can relate differently to the community than some of my other co-workers. I’ve dealt with racism myself. I can say, ‘We aren’t targeting you. We just want you to do better.’ You have to try to be understanding because they might have had some sort of bad past going on. It might not be you. It might be a bad day.”

She reflected how even police have bad days. “It’s not just one community event. It is a work in progress. Even when you aren’t having a good day, you have to pull it together and put on a smile. You still have to serve and treat the community as if they were your family.”

Her compassion and commitment to serve make her an outstanding #WonderWomanWednesday! Thank you Jordei!

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